Should I pick a vinyl wrap or a Cordura wrap?

This is a long subject that we will do a comparison matrix on in time. Basically vinyl is easier to take off and possibly use maybe 1 more time. It’s thinner, doesn’t expand after getting wet and in general most versions are cheaper out the door to you than Cordura. If you want Cordura most of the advantages come down to the appearance and look you are after. We will also compare and show the effects of IR illuminators and lasers and well as thermal vision on each type.

My item that I want to buy shows out of stock but that it can be backordered… how long until I’ll get my stuff?

Unless there’s some glaring warning or alert on the home page of the site, everything will be ordered and delivered under a week in most cases. In the worst case ever it would be a maximum wait of 3 weeks for certain vinyls that might be out of stock at the factory but you would be alerted and it would be shown as an issue on that product if that was the case.

More FAQ to come.